The Leaders in Freezer Fire Detection

For nearly 15 years, SAFE Fire Detection has specialized in the protection of both refrigerated and dry storage warehouses along with it’s supporting infrastructure including switchgear, pump rooms and other mission critical areas. SAFE now offers both proven methods of freezer fire detection; air sampling and linear heat detection, along with years of industry experience and technical expertise.

Two New and Very Different Technologies

Traditionally, old fashioned linear heat detection systems consisted of heavy wires (which broke often) that were run throughout the freezer to a special expensive control panel that was used only for the wire.

SAFE has reinvented freezer fire detection by offering two new and very different options. ProSeries early warning air sampling detectors analyze the air in the freezer which eliminates the need for any wires. ThermoCable is a new, more flexible and lower cost linear heat detection wire that can be used with any approved addressable or conventional panel, even the one you may already have.

Now you have Two New Options
Compare Which Technology is Best for Your Facility

Early Detection Air Sampling

  • No Wires to Break
  • Detects Before Heat or Smoke
  • Higher Initial Cost
  • Lower Maintenance
  • No In-Freezer Maintenance
  • Lower Life Cycle Costs
  • Detection: Ceiling Only
  • Cannot Accidently Flow Water

Standard Detection Linear Heat Wire

  • Frequently Broken Wires
  • Detects Heat
  • Lower Initial Cost
  • Higher Maintenance
  • Maintenance Done in Freezer
  • Higher Life Cycle Costs
  • Detection: Ceiling and /or In-Rack
  • May Accidently Flow Water
AIR SAMPLING: Early Detection

The ProSeries ProX4 air sampling system can detect a fire long before any smoke, heat, or flames without the use of wires. The ProX4 high pressure detector allows sampling from ceiling heights up to 115 feet without the need for in-rack detection. The ProX4 draws air through a supervised pipe network from the ceiling back to the detector typically located on the loading dock. This eliminates in freezer maintenance which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs over the life of a system.

LINEAR HEAT WIRE: Standard Detection

Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is a heat sensitive wire which is located in the racks at each sprinkler level, and/or mounted on the ceiling. Linear heat provides standard detection by allowing any approved addressable or conventional panel to signal an alarm when heat activates the wire. Linear heat detection requires much more maintenance than air sampling systems but has a lower installation cost. With in-rack detection wire near the path of pallet operating equipment, it is frequently damaged, may accidentally flow water in the freezer and is costly to repair.