• TVA
  • Three Mile Island
  • Harris Nuclear Plant
  • Salem Nuclear
  • Clinton Power
  • McGuire Nuclear
  • Brunswick Nuclear
  • Hope Creek
PRA Expertise and Experience

SAFE Fire Detection provided products, testing and assistance to obtain the data needed for the pilot plants comprehensive Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Reduction. SAFE also provided the ProX4 Detector as part of the design that won NEI’s TIP Award for Innovative Fire Protection Design. SAFE offers the most advanced products, on-site testing with historic data, to help meet the new NFPA 805 requirements. Safe Fire Detection has the design team with the most experience in Aspirating Detection Fire PRA Risk Reduction.

Not Just Products

SAFE Fire Detection is the only company that offers complete testing, design, installation supervision, installation, NEI award winning products, service and maintenance. All this from a single company with over 30 years experience in Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection.

Codes and Approvals

SAFE Fire Detection’s dedicated design team also has decades of experience specializing in Nuclear Power Plant code and approval compliance like no other company. These comprehensive codes were developed to maximize life safety and loss of property by enforcing proper system integration and design. These codes and approvals are being further developed to include performance based testing to accurately depict system capabilities.

Nuclear Standards
  • NEI Tip Award
  • EPRI TR102323R Approval
  • Meets NUREG 6850
  • NFPA 805 Comliance
  • NRC REG. 50.48C Compliant
  • EPRI 1016735 Compliant
  • NRC 08-0046 Compliant
  • Nuclear EMI/RFI Approved

Proven Results
  • Reduced PRA By 170 Times
  • Installed In Pilot Plant
  • Proven PRA Installation
  • Reduced CDF 3 Orders Of Magnitude
PRA Experience
  • Qualified Products
  • Qualified Testing Services
  • Qualified Engineering Staff
  • Qualified Technical Staff
  • Qualified Smoke Modeling