Intelligent Aspirating Detection

What is Air Sampling Fire Detection?

Air Sampling, also know as aspirating, fire detection utilizes an aspirator, and a supervised sample pipe network to return air samples from an environment that is being protected, back to a detection unit for analysis. The air sample isdrawn into the pipe network through either holes drilled in the pipe, a capillary or extended drop from the pipe, or sample heads which can be either adjustable or non-adjustable.

Each of these methods use flow calculations to determine sample hole sizes, pressure drops and acceptable pipe lengths to be sure the system meets NFPA guidelines. Below are details for each of these methods

Why ProSeries?

The new advanced CCD (Cloud Chamber Detection) technology from Protec combines the benefits of spot, laser, and cloud chamber detection into a single detector. CCD provides unparalleled technology which only detects combustion making it immune to false alarms from dirt, dust, temperature and humidity which plague other early warning spot and aspirating smoke detectors. The introduction of CCD technology now allows for an aspirating system to be ultra sensitive while eliminating the nuisance alarms associated with other detection technologies.

  • Detects in All Four Stages of Fire
  • Before Smoke
  • No False Alarms



   • Single Zone
• Up to 10,000 sqft.
• Without Display

   • Single Zone
• Up to 20,000 sqft.
• Without Display
• Available with larger aspirator for extreme hazards

   • Single Zone
• Up to 20,000 sqft.
• With LCD Display
• Available with larger aspirator for extreme hazards

   • Programmable for 1, 2, 3, or 4 Zones
• Up to 20,000 sqft.
• With LCD Display
• Available with larger aspirator for extreme hazards

   • Handheld detector for isolating early warning alarms
• Completely self contained
• User friendly and lightweight

   • User friendly LCD Interface
• Network Hub and Programmer
• Displays detectors in alarm
• View status, historic graphs, detector settings




Widest Range of Detectors to Fit Your Specific Needs

No one detector can meet the needs of every application. Determining the proper detector for your application is critical since no two applications are alike. With three aspirating smoke detector types, multiple zones, multifunction LCD display and multiple networking options, ProSeries offers a detector right for your application.




Unique Features of ProSeries Detectors
  • CCD Detection Technology
  • Optional Large Multifunction LCD Display
  • Customizable Alarm, Zone and Unit Text
  • Will Not False Alarm from Dirt or Dust
  • Four Adjustable Alarm Levels per Zone
  • Built-In Networking Functions
  • Four Programmable Inputs
  • Single Point Maintenance
  • Automatically Change Sensitivity Three Times per Day
  • No Airflow Filters Required
  • Historic Particle Data Graph for Event Analysis
  • Drop-In Replacement to Upgrade Similar Systems