Portable Fire Detection

What is Portable Aspirating Fire Detection?
Portable Aspirating Fire Detection is used to locate the source of an early warning alarm. Any aspirating or spot detection system can tell you which room, now the ProLocator can help you find where in the room!

With Early Warning Air Sampling Systems protecting up to 20,000 sqft. per zone, identifying the source of an impending fire threat was very difficult. The ProLocator is the industry’s first handheld portable aspirating fire detector which can lead you to the source that is causing an early warning alarm, which otherwise cannot be seen. The ProLocator can be used virtually anywhere; computer rooms, factories, schools, malls, telecom centers, etc., and can be operated by almost anyone.

How does the ProLocator Work?

The ProLocator uses advanced CCD technology which only detects combustion and is not affected by dirt and dust. Audible and LED indicators are used to indicate your proximity to the source of the alarm. The ProLocator will operate for up to two hours on a single charge or may be powered by using the supplied battery charger. The ProLocator is completely self contained and does not require any preventative maintenance.