Water Leak Detection

What is Linear Water Leak Detection?

The ProH2O Module linear water leak detector operates using time-domain reflectrometry. A short pulse (less than 1 millionth of a second) is sent down the cable. When a leak is detected, a return pulse is generated (effectively the pulse sent out by the controller “bounces” off the leak) to send back an alarm.

The new ProH2O “Plug and Play” design comes in modular and distance locating versions. The cable can be run 100ft/30m max (Module) or 1000ft/300m max (Professional). The cables come in three easy to use “Plug and Twist” lengths, 12 ft (3.5m), 50 ft (15m ) or 100 ft (30 m) just use the combination that best meets your needs. ProH2O leak detection cable can be run on the floor utilizing our adhesive backed easy to use “Quick Clips” near sensitive equipment, in low areas or anywhere water may enter the environment. It can also be attached directly to sprinkler or process piping with our double loop ties to monitor for leaky pipes. The ProH2O Water Leak Detector Module operates on 12 VDC or 24VDC and has both alarm and fault connections to provide an easy interface to your Build System, Fire Alarm or Security System.

Why ProH2O?
  • Addressable or Conventional
  • Modular or Distance Locating
  • Self Restoring
  • Up to 100 ft. per detector (Modular)
  • Up to 1,000 ft. per detector (Professional)
  • Can Detect a Leak Anywhere Along its Entire Length


  • Computer Room Subfloors
  • Water Cooled CRAC Units
  • Sprinkler Pipes over Sensitive Equipment
  • Water Based Process Piping
  • Any Water Based Process or Application
  • Underground Piping