Air Sampling and Linear Heat Detection Installation Supplies

RedPipe Air Sampling Supplies

Traditionally the fire industry has adapted off the shelf installation materials to install air sampling smoke and linear heat detection systems. At the request of a manufacturer and with their assistance, RedGear Manufacturing evaluated the installation materials for Air Sampling Smoke Detection. Using this knowledge, RedGear produced the only UL Approved Air Sampling Pipe and Fittings, for use with any Air Sampling Smoke Detection System.

RedGear Linear Heat Detection Supplies

RedGear Manufacturing also evaluated Linear Heat Detection installation materials, and produced simpler and more practical installation supplies called RedGear. RedGear’s new simple design combine the best of both old and new by eliminating the need to use multiple parts for a single mount. This results in parts that are up to 30% faster and easier to install than traditional LHD Mounts, all at a significantly lower cost.

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