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Codes and Compliance

SAFE Fire Detection’s dedicated design team has decades of experience specializing in plant code and approval compliance. These comprehensive codes were developed to maximize life safety and loss of property by enforcing proper system integration and design. These codes and approvals are being further developed to include performance based testing to accurately depict system capabilities.

Early Detection

Industrial Air Sampling (ASSD)

A fire detection system which uses a pipe network to return samples of air from a hazard to a high sensitivity early warning detector.

The ProX4 detector can alert of a fire before any smoke or flames. This can provide hours of advanced notice. Immune to false alarms from dirt, dust, and steam

Standard Detection

Linear Heat Detection (LHD)

A fire detection system using a thermal sensitive cable, placed in or around a hazard. The detection cable is activated once the selected alarm temperature is reached.

ThermoCable is a new lower cost, and easier to use alternative linear heat detection wire.