Modular Fire Watch Cart

Advanced technology with early warning fire detection has proven results. Since the inception of plants transitioning to NFPA 805, we have been successful in helping to reduce the fire risk effects utilizing early warning fire detection. Now we are assisting with the reduction of Fire Watch, and reducing the fire watch burden with the introduction of our new Fire Watch Modular Cart System. The Fire Watch Product Line gives you the ability to choose specific modules best required to customize a system for your plant. This can assist in the reducing the time and cost of your Fire Watch burden, while increasing the safety and efficiency of your plant.

Early Warning Air Sampling Fire Detection

Safe Fire Detection provided products, testing and assistance to obtain the data needed for the plant’s comprehensive Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Reduction. Safe also provided the ProX4 Detector as part of the design that won NEI’s TIP Award for Innovative Fire Protection Design. Safe offers the most advanced products, onsite testing with historic data, to help meet the goals of NFPA 805. Safe Fire Detection has the design team with the most experience in Aspirating Detection Fire PRA Risk Reduction.

Select The Product That Best Fits Your Needs

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Air Sampling Fire Detection
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Linear Heat Detection
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LHD/Air Sampling
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UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detection
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Portable Fire Detection

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