IR3 and UV-IR Flame Detection

SafeFlame’s triple IR (IR3) flame detector compares three specific wavelength bands within the IR spectral range of a fire and their ratio to each other. This offers fast response without the fear of typical false alarms. One sensor monitors the 4.4 micrometer range and the other sensors monitor the bands above and below. This advanced technology allows the detector to distinguish
between non flame IR sources, and flames that emit hot carbon dioxide in the combustion process (which have a spectral characteristic peak at 4.4  micrometers).

SafeFlame’s UV/IR Flame detector uses an ultra high signal to noise ratio UV sensor and a separate IR sensor to offer superior flame detection. The UV sensor offers superior sensitivity while the IR sensor ensures resistance to false alarms from things like solar spikes, arc welding, lighting and X-Rays. The IR sensor works on the 4.1-4.6 micron spectral range. The same spectral range as a fire. When the UV sensor in the SafeFlame detector senses that there is a fire it will automatically cross-check that signal with the one from the IR sensor. If both sensors detect a fire an alarm signal is generated.

Download UV/IR SafeFlame Manual
Download IR3 SafeFlame Data Sheet

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