Air Sampling Fire Detection

The new Hybrid detection technology combines the benefits of spot, laser, and cloud chamber detection into a single detector, and can detect before smoke. Hybrid provides paralleled technology which only combustion particles and measures against a visible smoke signal making
it immune to false alarms from dust, dirt, temperature, and humidity which plague other early warning air sampling and spot detectors. The introduction of Hybrid technology now allows for an aspirating system to be ultra sensitive while eliminating the nuisance alarms associated with other detection technologies.

Portable Air Sampling Detection

The ProLocator is the first and only portable air sampling detector capable of locating the source of an impending fire. When the Cirrus Hybrid goes into alarm, telling you which row the fire is in, the ProLocator can help to pinpoint the exact source of the alarm. This gives you the ability to address the problem earlier, and avoid costly system interruption.

RedGear Pipe and Accessories

RedGear manufactures, RedPipe, the only Pipe and Fittings UL Approved Air Sampling Systems.

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Air Sampling Fire Detection
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