Air Sampling Detection

Commercial applications require special considerations when using Air Sampling Smoke Detection. Our capillary drops allow you to take advantage of Early Warning Air Sampling while maintaining the aesthetics of your space. Once installed the sampling points are no more noticeable than a standard spot detector, but with the advantage of added sensitivity.

Linear Heat Detection

Linear Heat Detection can be used in multiple places for commercial buildings. From Elevator Shafts, to Plenum Spaces, to Electrical rooms SafeCable Linear Heat Detection can provide a better solution than traditional detection. With its ability to detect along an entire length, and its low profile, SafeCable provides detection along its entire length while also maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

Select The Product That Best Fits Your Needs

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Air Sampling Fire Detection
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Linear Heat Detection
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LHD/Air Sampling
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UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detection
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Portable Fire Detection

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