Air Sampling Detection

Industrial and Harsh Environmental applications are traditionally difficult to protect with conventional detection methods. Exposure to dust, dirt, humidity, and corrosive conditions can cause other air sampling detectors to fail in offering the reliable and cost effective solution that these challenging environments require. Accelerated wear on other systems from harsh conditions increases both maintenance of the installed system and the occurrence of false alarms. This creates a significantly more costly system to maintain, and false alarms causes by inappropriate detectors can disrupt normal business operations.

Linear Heat Detection

Safe Fire Detection’s dedicated Linear Heat Detection design team has decades of experience specializing in plant code and approval compliance. These comprehensive codes were developed to maximize life safety and loss of property by enforcing proper system integration and design. In addition to further development to include performance based testing to accurately depict system capabilities. On-site testing (for applications such as Conveyors, Switch Gear, Transformers, etc…) in addition to historic data, are available to help meet new NFPA requirements.

Select The Product That Best Fits Your Needs

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Air Sampling Fire Detection
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Linear Heat Detection
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LHD/Air Sampling
Installation Supplies
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UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detection
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Portable Fire Detection

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