Linear Heat Detection(LHD)

SafeCable is a Line Type Heat Detector (LHD) that reacts at a specific temperature, and can detect along its entire length. From Floating Rooftop Tanks, to Oil Rigs, to Distilleries Safe Fire Detection has used LHD to protect high value on and offshore applications. For both standard and intrinsically safe areas, LHD provides the most cost effective heat based detection.

Flame Detection

SafeFlame is a detector that instantly responds to the visual presence of flame or fire, giving you the quickest possible warning of spontaneous combustion. From fuel filling stations, to tank farms, and off-shore platforms IR3 based flame detection provides a constant watchful eye to protect your facility from fire or explosion.

Air Sampling Fire Detection

ProSeries Air Sampling fire Detection provides the absolute earliest warning possible when it comes to protecting your facility from fire. By using its Cloud Chamber Detection technology, the ProSeries can detect a fire in the incipent stage, before the earliest signs of smoke.

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Air Sampling Fire Detection
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Linear Heat Detection
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LHD/Air Sampling
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UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detection
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Portable Fire Detection

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