The Most Sensitive Fire Detection Ever

History tells us that there are really only two types of air sampling detection technology. ‘Cloud Chamber Detection’(CCD) and Laser or Optical ‘Scatter Chamber Detection’(SCD.) Cirrus Hybrid uses them both.

Depending on the materials burning, some fires burn with no or only a small amount of visible smoke, and others burn with much greater volumes of smoke. Dust and pollutants can be inadvertently detected as smoke by laser and optical detectors, resulting in a false alarm. Cirrus HYBRID uses “CCD” Detection to determine if there is pre-smoke particulate in the air, and “SCD” Detection to determine if there is smoke in the air.  If the CCD detects pre-smoke particulate in the air, but no smoke, it can alarm. If the SCD detects and the CCD does not, it is a false alarm. Together they give you a combined fire signal, and proven alarm.

Cirrus Hybrid also gives you the first ever cross-zonable early warning air sampling detector that can safely release a suppression system.

How Does ProSeries

Fire Detection Work?

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